How to Keep the Damaging Ultra Violet Rays at Bay

Three Sun Protecting Beauty Must-Haves

1) Sunscreen~ Protecting and perfecting your skin has never been so easy! This mineral-based formula provides serious skincare and serious environmental protection all in one. The light-weight cream glides on sheer to the skin, instantly creating an air-brushed finish while working all day to guard against harmful UV light and free radicals. Prime+Protect=Perfect Skin with Repechage Mineral Face Shield

2) Makeup~ So maybe it’s not technically a “Must-have.” But you really can’t go wrong adding a touch of SPF makeup to your sunny look. Try a foundation that provides smooth coverage with added sun protection, like Repechage Mineral-Rich seaweed based liquid foundation, to give flawless protection and anti-aging benefits, with light reflective pigments to ease appearance of flaws.

3) Sunglasses~ Sunglasses are the perfect way to shield your eyes from the glaring sunshine. Did you know they can also be important in protecting your eyes and the skin surrounding them? Just be sure to look for a lens that offers UV protection, since UV rays don’t just affect your skin, they also have dangerous effects on your eyes especially when the sun reflects off the water.

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